Amazing stories happen every day at Providence

We deliver on this promise to our patients, their loved ones, our communities and each other.  Typically, we share these stories with our own teams, but now we want to build a library and share them with the entire Providence family.

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We want to hear your story! Sharing your story with the Providence family will ensure everyone can feel and see how together we are keeping our promise to those we serve.

We are a community of caregivers delivering on our Mission every day

Our goal is to inspire everyone who is part of the Providence family and remind each other how we make a difference in the lives of others each day. Through fostering this community we will create healthier communities, together.


Latest Stories

Truly, this experience was a gift

4/9/2014 by Cheri
A Providence media relations manager volunteered at the Oso, Wash., mudslide, acting as an information liaison for the families affected by this tragedy. The experience has changed her life.
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The best of Providence

4/7/2014 by David
A doctor describes the teamwork that helped save the life of a patient needing emergency surgery.

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I see God through each one of you

4/2/2014 by Jessie
A caregiver says thanks to her colleagues for the support they have given her since learning a year ago that her young daughter has a brain tumor.

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Providence caregiver and search volunteer reports from Oso mudslide

3/31/2014 by Teddy

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Epic brings emotional reunion between ICU director and former patient

3/31/2014 by Kathleen
A Providence nurse meets a young girl she helped save 26 years ago, and learns that girl also grew up to become a Providence nurse.
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Connecting patient with far-away medical record, physician helps ease the way

3/31/2014 by Chris
A couple of vacation were able to get help right away from the nearest Providence hospital and the Epic electronic health record.

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Comfort to the rescue!

3/28/2014 by Michelle
Whether it's calming anxious dads or fussy babies, our ambassador volunteer is the one to call.

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Easing a person’s way can mean offering a ride and some calming words

3/28/2014 by Marilyn
This caregiver helped calm a young couple dealing with their baby's health crisis.

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Grieving family reminded me care is always our priority

3/28/2014 by Dale
All of us must truly be caregivers and always be aware that any small act of kindness or compassion can mean a world of different to a patient or loved one who is suffering.
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RN care navigator eases the way for a patient

3/27/2014 by Tosha and Lisa
By building a relationship with a homeless patient, Sara and her care team were able to get the man the medical help he needed, and found others to help him get off the streets.

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